Inspired from a dream..

Over forty years ago it happened. Now our musical truths are being shared around the world. This important work has been created by the revelation of almighty God, the Grace of Jesus Christ, ten thousand meetings and hundreds of thousands of personal shares. Only through the we can any of us see these " songs ". Upon being conceived they are further developed by the aid of many great musical professional from around the country in order to bring you fine truthful song based recovery. After 30 year of continuous sobriety and performing over one thousand live shows, We want you to know, that it is but "thee" who are the iWorldband.

Why is this work so important?

As quoted in the bigger book " Two or more gathered together in my name " The name of truth, which is so critical to all of us. All of us who have been so close to being constitutionally incapable. Had we not had that blessed moment of clarity granted us by the Grace of Almighty God, we would have indeed missed our real purpose for living. Creating a tragedy in our world that could never had been measured.