I have heard it said many times in the rooms.. “ Acceptance is the answer to all our problems”” 

But what is it exactly that we need to accept? 

Simply the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ into our lives. 

Here is where the rubber truly meets the road. By making this decision in our hearts and minds we not only gain eternal life in heaven but, a radically new freedom here on earth! It’s kind of like “ The Force be with you.” For acceptance of Christ into our lives awakens the Holy Spirit and over time through full body Baptism and by continuing to seek the truth we will in-deed  ” FIND. ”  The hole in our soul is finally perfectly fitted unto God!

I cannot put into words all the zillion ways the Lord has helped me here on earth since I have done that. This understanding and acceptance by you opens the door to your real life adventure. Personalized precisely for you by almighty God. 

I must saay, I dont know anything about what He has planned for you but, I do know one thing. 

I know that its gonna be REALLY GOOD because … 

Romans 8:28. King James Version ... And we KNOW that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.