I was just thinking the other day about meetings. Pretty amazing the way they work. A buch of misfits show up at a location and sit down together. We all listen to “how it works, the steps and traditions" to remind ourselves we don’t have all the answers, but there is a power who does. We pray, select a topic and all honestly and openly share on that topic. What seems to happen is that God shows up, and starts speaking to me through the others in the room. When it’s over, it seems like everyone there, including myself, has received their marching orders for the day. We get what we need in this way for the maintenance of our daily spiritual condition. 

Who would believe it or even experience it unless they had to. Funny, the reason we attend is because our lives depend on coming. We have no one to blame for that condition other than ourselves. God has a wonderful sense of humor. We have essentially forced ourselves into coming. Yet, after some time of “mandatory” attendance it’s as they say, we start to want to come to meetings.

Do they work? 

Well, all I can tell you is that I have been to about ten thousand or so and my life’s great, far better than it was without the meetings. I truly believe far better off than it could have ever gotten without the meetings. Lets not forget that though the meetings, and the people there, we are introduced to the process of recovery. I have gone through that twelve step process. As an amazing benefit I have  met about a million true blue friends that I never ever would have met. Friends like I had never had before. Real friends, that really care. Yes, it’s all pretty dang amazing when I think about it. God opened a door through MY pain and suffering, that I was forced to go through that has delivered me to a wonderful new life. Today, truly a place beyond my wildest dreams.

Sure different see that one coming,

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