A.A. got it’s early start through the Oxford group founded on Christian biblical principles which were broken down into twelve simple steps. Always thought of it as sort of God for dummies. 

I was certainly a dummy when I got here, drinking myself stupid every night. So I needed a simple clear cut step by step outline to follow and that’s what A.A. gave me. I can’t, He can, I think I’ll let Him, Get honest and confess my sins, Ask God to help remove my other defects of character. Ask for forgiveness for my trespasses against others and then stay close to God through prayer, meditation and carrying my cross. 

Like they say, “more will be revealed.” No one can bring the revelation of Christ into your life but Jesus himself and He will when He sees anyone who is finally willing to follow His way instead of their own. Love God, steps one through three. Love your neighbor steps four through nine and love yourself steps ten through twelve, 

As it says in step twelve, as a result of working all the steps our lives have been transformed. That was all well and good, but I wanted more. I wanted the assurance of eternal life with God in heaven, so I just gave my life over to Christ and was baptized. Such a simple thing to do and so very important. Why I did not do it sooner I believe, was simply the difficulty of coming out from under that fog that I was in for so long when I crawled in. It takes time for that to clear and then to see and understand Christ working in your life. Eventually it became undeniable. I mean, I didn’t deserve what was happening in my life and I never paid for what I had received, but eventually, hopefully, we come to believe and receive the understanding that someone did. Someone paid a very dear price for each and every one of us. It’s simply human history. 

As it points out in the twelfth step “ We find ourselves in possession of a degree of honesty, tolerance, unselfishness, peace of mind and love which we had thought ourselves quite incapable of…. Hummm sure sounds like Jesus to me. Yes a free gift IF we open our hearts and start following the way, but as Christ himself said “No one gets to Father except by me.” So although things had been going well within the program I did not want to miss out on the grand prize, who would? Please take the time to pray about these things and do the investigative work for yourself, for your very eternity is at stake. It’s simply your decision, but what a critical decision it is. 

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