this is big!

Amazing new discovery! I can’t believe I never knew about this! 

It’s probably because no one every thought of it until now. My patented new titanic invention, ladies and gentleman I give you “Uneeded Sleep”

“Yes with “Unneeded Sleep” you can do just about anything. You can become the nicest person in the room, You can experience people warming up to you in many new and wonderful ways. With “Unneeded Sleep”you can even find your self healthier and happier. Why.. you can even become better looking!”

So you say OK, I’ll bite, how’s it work?

You wait until the day you believe you do not need sleep. Then you go to bed and stay in bed until your not awakened by anyone other than yourself. 

That is.. when you go to bed for a full cycle of “Unneeded Sleep', if you are awaken by anyone other than yourself say 55 minutes into your ”Unneeded Sleep" cycle you roll over and go back to bed. If someone wakes you up inadvertently say an hour and forty minutes later, you close your little peepers and go back to dreamland until no one awakens you but you wake up all on your own, naturally, no alarms allowed. You may be in bed two hours or two days.


The natural way of “Unneeded Sleep” takes what it takes and only that can represents the full cycle of the “Unneeded Sleep"  that your body probably desperately needs!

Just remember.. 

If you don’t allow the full cycle, you won’t receive the full benefit. You may think I’m crazy, but don’t knock it, till ya try it. After a full cycle, its wacky how good your gonna feel and its all absolutely free. Now you can’t say, I never gave you anything.


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