A day in a life

My daughter came to see me yesterday. It was great seeing her! She looked well and seemed to be focused on the things that she needed to be focused on. I pray success for her in every way as I do for all my daughters.

I have had a life before where I have success here but no success there and it did not go well. Today at least I have things in the right order. 

God, Family and everything else. 

I’m good with God for I have repented and asked for the forgiveness that I needed to be set free. Because I was sincere, it was offered to me and I accepted it.

Family over the years has been more difficult, for my old nemesis addiction played a role there. But by God’s Grace that problem was removed from me many years ago. The difficulties now that I encounter in my later years, are simply in playing the cards that God has given me the very best I that I can. I make mistakes… regularly but, I’m not perfect. I pray that over the years others will understand and forgive, so that they can be set free. 

My Family of three marriages, seven children and eighteen grand children. I fit in there somewhere betwixt and between. A miracle today that I am doing as well as I am and so happy with a loving wife by my side.

I am grateful.


Lord be with me for today, 

Guide me and direct me in every way. 

Thy will not mine be done. 

Making life good for everyone.

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