Its crazy.. I use to never worry back in the day. Just drink my worries away, but now nearly forty years sober, I worry.  I suppose its because I have a conscience. I wonder how my actions affect others and affects my relationship with God. 

I have heard it over and over don’t worry, pray and I believe that’s good advice, but still there are so many things to keep up with in my world. I guess it boils down to how complex do you want to make your world. More complex, more worry, less complex, less worry. Then there is always the thing about.. Just how smart are you anyway! Smarts and education play a giant factor in living life on life terms.

Health problems have become a major issue for me of late and that has become pretty involved. It needs to be handled, because my issues are life threatening. I have aging parents also to be concerned about and many children and grandchildren. 

Finances too are a concern. Once things are set up in your world they need to be maintained. Again how big do you want to live. What can you afford?  Are you planning on leaving a little something when you die? Big changes life moving take a lot of energy so getting things right on your timeline is important. Hopefully your not suffering from any mental impairments, but so many do, especially as we get older. These things often are beyond our control. Now I am old so there is that concern for me and my wife. We want to make it safely through these last years. By Gods Grace, thank God where I have lived there has been no war so I have enjoyed a stable world in that regard for many years. With technology however all that can change in a moment as well, so I guess I can always worry about that if I choose to.

Today for me I believe a simple God directed life is a better life and sobriety is the key. As my old man use too say “If I had known I was gonna live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” 

One day at a time… 

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