New in recovery?

Many want it all back right away, or talk about the blessings of recovery coming too slowly. I have news for you. You do not understand how fortunate you are my friend. 

I want you to think about this! 

When you came all the way into recovery and sat all the way down and surrendered you were in bad shape to say the least. If the truth were known, you were probably very close to death. That the gift of that moment of clarity was presented to you by the Grace of God, is and was at that time a LIFE SAVING gift. Had you not fully received it at that particular moment something very bad would have most likely happened to you in the very near future. 

Stop right here for just a moment and think of how you were then. 

How was your physical and mental condition. 

What type and quantity of drugs or drink were you determined to do each day. 

The people and places you would frequent.

How was “life,” or was it more of a walking death? Yeah.. that’s what I’m talking about! 

If your honest you know what I’m saying and if you go to meetings, you know it can happen again no matter how much time you have. So the moral of this story is stay grateful, and get on your knees each day and thank God for that blessed gift of unmerited Grace that has made your life so wonder-full.

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