Future Fears?

You can put your mind to rest if your willing to stay with us. Spirit leads always and forever. The spirit you submit to, will always guide you. 

When we were in that dark spiritual neighborhood of addiction we experienced bad consequences. We had to have them for we were following the dark spirit. When we came into the new neighborhood of light, love and truth and stayed continuing to do the work required, the bad consequences went away. We began to realize a wonderful new life that was not available to us until we made the decision to repent ( turn around …spiritually ).

Remember in active addiction, when we would end up in places and wonder to ourselves how did I get myself into this one! We got ourselves there simply because we were following that dark lying spirit, that’s the way we get EVERYWHERE we get, by following a spirit. 

In recovery when we “suddenly realize” that God is doing for us. That is but another revelation that we are now being lead into a new spiritual place because we are no longer following the dark spirit. We have submitted and surrender again to the true spirit of light and love as we did before when we surrendered to that dark spirit of bondage, lies and hate. In recovery we often hear “I’m not getting what I deserve,” but in reality we are always deserving because we can only receive from the spirit following that we select.

How quickly we recover and receive new spiritual “earnings” depends on many things, but here are a few of the big ones.

  1. How long were you under that dark spirit?
  2. How much damage did you allow to family, friends and finances before you changed your stripes.
  3. Will you really stay the course or will you keep falling back.

“Sometimes quickly sometimes slowly” it all really depends on your past and your ability now to stay the course no matter what. Here’s the good news. Blessed faith is now on your side. That is, good things WILL happen now because you are doing what your doing, following truth. The consequences for both paths are as sure as the nose on your face. You WILL receive from the spiritual path YOU CHOOSE. It will come because it must. That’s the way it works.

One last thing to remember…

When you change your path to light and love you will begin to receive what you need. Need, because you NEED divine fulfillment and Love loves you. You may not recognize this at first, but you will over time if you stay in that true neighborhood. With time you will understand that what you needed, is really what you always wanted, you just didn’t know it. You did not know it because the time you spent in the other neighborhood was living in a lie.

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