Isolation or solitude

I was so isolated in my addiction I wrote a song about it called “Isolation Man.” It was without a doubt a house favorite when I performed at rehab centers. Popular because everyone could relate. It’s exactly what addiction does. Gets you all alone and then tries to take you out. Oh I remember the early party days when the crowd would get together each night but. usually by the end of the night we find ourselves drinking all alone until we just can’t do it anymore. Thank God I don’t live like THAT anymore!

Like my good friend Craig always says “ I drank because I hated myself and I hated myself because I drank” The endless circus death defying loop world that we find ourselves in.

Today after many year in the program my life has dramatically changed. After surrendering my life to God and working all the steps in order with a sponsor I have been set free.. PRAISE GOD! No more isolation now replaced by blessed solitude. A choice I make on a daily basis to be alone with my God and to allow the holy spirit to speak to me to fulfill my true purpose.

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