Spiritual Malady?

We suffer from a spiritual malady. Lets face it, we all spent too much time in that dark neighborhood. Like they say, it’s all about the alinement of the will. God gave us free will spiritual choice, we just kept making the wrong one, over and over again. What can you expect under the influence! With time, staying in that dark place, there are consequences but we all already know about those. 

Love must be a choice, otherwise it would not be love. Doing the 180 turns us around. The word here is “ repent,” to turn in the opposite direction. When we “ repent “ and choose to dwell in the neighborhood of light by doing the next right thing, we usually  can exist there without negative consequence, unless God is trying to show us something we need. 

Over time in the light, we move into real God purposed life. It’s the way that our loving God had for us all along, we just needed to be willing to choose rightly. It reminds me of the “Wizard of Oz,”  Dorothy had the ruby slippers on the whole dang movie, she just didn’t know how to use them. It’s that way with all of us. When we fogged our minds with alcohol or drugs we become lost to ourselves.

It takes time for us to get back from that place depending on the amount of time you spent there. As Georgie use to tell me “ be patient before you become one.” We need to persevere in our new found sobriety to gain that real life that God so wants for us. This can be accomplished by meeting attendance, working through the steps with our sponsors, and lots and lots of prayer. 

What new people forget is that to lose it all, and go back to complete ruin, takes just a simple change of mind and only one drink. Remember all your hard work and life as you knew it, can all disappear in just a few moments if you’re in a black out. Don’t release the dark phenomenon of craving on to yourself again by taking that first one.


Constant vigilance, is the way to consistent sobriety. Keep your head up!

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