Immediate Family Deaths While In Recovery

FATHER: I was married and living away from my childhood home. Father took a bad fall and went into a coma. I got the call on the morning I was leaving for Ireland with my third sponsor Dave for a lo fi trip of the emerald isle. My mother said there was nothing to I could do and encouraged me to go. He passed and all I can say was that my father was a wonderfully, hard working, inderstanding man who I loved very, very much

MOTHER: Fell prey to cancer. They told hr she could start Chemo or take a pill for a year and it would hold it back but then it would come. She took the pill route and it did exactly as they said. When it came back I and my sisters were there able to help out for she because disabled. I felt so blessed to be able to be near her when she was in that state. I loved her so and will be so happy to she her and him once again soon.

ONLY SON: He went through divorce for his mother was unhappy with life. So for so many of his childhood years I was not in the home. Just a mile or so away but it was like a lifetime away. It was difficult on the kids for my wife suffered from anger issues as the kids became more and more difficult. My son probably fell into addiction early, but I did not see it for I was not there enough. Time passed and it all became more visible. His mother, God bless her, tried to push him ito rehabilitation and I was very grateful one day when he visted me to give him his one year chip, but later he decided he could do it again.  His drug of choice was a very deadly one and it took him. I miss him so and I pray that someday I will see him again. 

God please forgive us all of our shortcomings and unwitting offenses against one another.