Over the last 17 years of traveling the country within the iWorld ministry some of you have expressed an Interest in giving to us financially. We thank you for this consideration, but we have decided that we are more interested in seeing what God will do for us if we stay completly self supporting. Having adopted this policy, it is and always will be our intention to help you in every possible way.

One of the avenues we can offer more of God's Love to you is by encouraging you to give, for as we all know, we only get what we give, and to keep it we must give it away! 

So...  in order that you may give, and do it more effectively, we have added this opportunity to help you experience more and more of the precious Grace of our Lord.

JAMES 1:27 NLT Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress...

As you know, at this time thousands of widows and orphans in Haiti are still in life and death situations of dire distress from the earth quakes storms and the meager resources they experience every day of their lives.

Haiti has an endless supply of widows and orphans to whom you can never give enough and who will never be able to pay you back... TRUE GIVING  Here.. depends on the missionaries that have such a heart for these poor people. Beacause we know them by name and stay in touch. They can be trusted to utilize your monies as wisely as possible. Keep in mind your donations are tax deductible. Your financial gift here can make a dramatically greater and far more lasting difference in your kingdom efforts then nearly anywhere else. 

So.. if you are willing to make a financial donation at this time to the support of the utmost in godly callings they are ready to accept your support.    

Thank you so Much For This Consideration! To make your donation just click the link below.