Thursday March 3rd

Yesterday I was at a tradition meeting and we were talking about “ trusted servants they do not govern. “ 

What a concept! 

You would think we could trust the servants that we pay handsomely around the world in positions of power. Trust them to do what is best for everyone, but alas NO! The corruption that has worked it’s way in over many years, now makes self-will-run-riot look like kindergarten. Unbelievable, now in the US we are facing a possible world war from an administration that is at best crazy, and at worst out to get us. How did we get here and more importantly, how did they get there? 

Lying seems to be the thing these days on television. Reminds me of myself back in that addicted state. I guess acceptance is the answer. So, I do what I can. Pray by God’s Grace, that they find their way back to the truth before it is too late.

Saturday Febuary 12th

The other day I had to put my best friend " BAXTER "down. A  C.L.W.D. ( crazy little white dog ) and my bestest buddy for over fifteen years. Man, that was hard and tears were shed. 

The next day out of the blue I decided to go to the early meeting in this area. It’s crazy how you get what you need in recovery. The meeting was about pet death. Is that crazy? Just what I needed!  Everyone agreed that since coming into recovery, we all had developed a heart to be able to love the little animals that give us so much unconditional love. My wife wants another one so we will probably get one, but the cool thing is we are willing to fall in love again with a little one even though we know at some time we will again experience the pain of loss. Life on life's terms enjoying the bright moments of our lives and sharing the sadness. AMEN

Keeping it real

Monday August 30th 5:12 AM

Been a while since I posted. Things here are going as well as can be expected. I was explaining to an older friend the other day when they ask how I was doing, that I recently had an “episode”. Funny never thought I would have an episode, but as we get older many of us do. Just hoping the final episode does not show up too soon… ya feel me. 

We recently started a "WORLD" link to reveal our songs here at the iWorldband about global issues. Although we all love this place called earth, we know it’s not our home. I guess we tend to focus on problems that we see. Problems that could be changed and corrected by others in power if they would only give their lives to Jesus. Their gift of everlasting life waits on their acceptance of divine Grace. I pray ever day for their conversions, for the people of the world have never needed it more than they do today! 

So simple… Just start doing the next right thing  …then more will be revealed!

Saturday June 12th 6:17 AM

Had a dream last night  about Love and then this morning an early fire to contemplate Love and sin.

I use to be an avid sinner. Sin promotes itself. Sin is wrong. Sin destroys. Sin surrounds itself with like sin. Sin is a lie. By God’s Grace I am not the sinner I was before the program I am just the sinner I am now after the revelation of Jesus Christ in my life. 

Love is all we are taking with us when we leave this place. I know I have not loved enough. A pure love motive from the heart is what I must seek after, but now, so late in life, I have missed so many opportunities because of my selfishness. Like they say in the program “ Dont beat yourself up.“ Yet… conviction is a good thing for it pushes us forward into the light. “His rod and His staff comfort us.”. Hopefully.. Eventually. The alternative is not too pretty, but with all things spiritual, it all about the choices we make. 

The world is indeed a sinful place where we are told what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. What else could it be, for all of the world are laid out by the prince of darkness. Thank God for the fellowship. Where truth is know as the way to real life. There, we all were dying for the truth. Good churches sort of review the truth, but not too much dying for it. In some churches, thank God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, humanities author of Truth, can still be heard. . 

The fellowship does not promote Christ which seems to be a tragedy, yet so many minds have been damaged by a fouled Christian message. For it has always been about relationship not religion, not the other way round.. From the fellowship perspective I get it, pushing Christian principles, before Christ personality. It’s kinda like a back door to get you to practice Christian principles in the great hope that through your actions Christ will be revealed. Yet... we cannot earn salvation, but Like they say, it's not what you say but what you do that counts. The program had to be divinely inspired by Bill and Bob and the one hundred that put the text together for look how many have come to the saving knowledge of Christ’s Grace. However, as we with some time in the program know, there is only one gate. and that gate is opened only by the revelation of Jesus. Only showed to us of the fellowship, when our hearts have been broken sufficiently enough to allow Him to. 

Simple but not easy…

April 30th 2021 8:26 AM

Have not written for a while, so I thought I would give an update. Health is slowly getting better according to the doctors. I am trying my best to help those numbers improve by exercise and just treating myself better. Life has been great lately. I guess that’s the way it is in recovery. We finally get sober and things get good then we run out of time…Shucks. 

So grateful today for everything the Lord has done in my life and also of course for all of you!

Much new music on the way! Our new EP "Healthy Humble Pie" out tomorrow. Hope you like it! Just want you all to know that along with all the work and effort in production, many tears are spilled over this music. Its is a very emotional process. Early sponsors use to tell me that through the process of recovery I was going to get much more sensitive. I did not believe that then, but with so many things they told me over the years.. I do now. 

God’s blessing on all of you and please keep coming back!

March 24th 2021 2:12 AM 

Can’t sleep.. worried about all that is happening in our country. One day at a time we continue with our walk of faith in God, faith in the fellowship. In the present moment all is well with my soul. God is with us who can be against us. Love conquers all. 

Today I’m doing alright, but I can feel my years. 

This is my life. It is what God has given me to do and it comes from a place of truth deep inside of me. I hope I am helpful. The evil that has become became so prevalent today has sadly compelled me to write songs calling out this evil the world. 

I certainly understand that we all fall short, it is the human condition, but for those that dictate and legislate for the rest of us, there are bigger decisions and much bigger consequences. Millions of lives rest in those decisions. I am glad I am not in those BIG shoes for there will be earth shattering reprisals against those who fall to the dark forces. 

Millions of us today stand for what is right. By God’s blessed Grace WE are the salt. I am not sure what will happen if all the salt on earth loses if savor but I can tell you this.. I don’t want to find out. Yes, I will stand with those of you still seeking truth until the day I die for in truth there is freedom.

Febuary 22nd 2021 5:28 AM

I know who my enemy is. Darkness throws so much at us these days but, by God Grace and the Blood of Christ We will stand strong. Nothing about this is easy yet, We are compelled to declare the one Truth, the one God, the one Way to our new lives. Yes, with God’s Grace and our declaration of the sinners prayer, we WILL be brought into that blessed union with Jesus Christ now and forever. 


February 4th 2021 12:50 PM 

Well, its a little past midnight here at the oasis, and I just have the urge to write. 

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing a good friend at the cancer infusion sight. I was there for a possible blood infusion to build me up for the drug I am now on. He was there taking heavy chemo. I felt so blessed. He had lost his voice to cancer but a miracle of science may restore it in a few months if all goes well. I pray that it does. 

I was telling my wonderful wife yesterday, that I need to write a song about “ THE PILL “  a small strange looking pill that comes from a bottle that talks to you, to make sure that you "TAKE ME". Kinda like Alice in Wonderland with her “drink me” bottle, and to top it all off, this tiny yellow and black bee looking capsule is the only thing between me and certain death… DONT MISS A DOSE OR YOUR CURTAINS! 

It’s almost comical..

Thank you so much for all  your prayers! They are working! I‘m still here and doing fine. I don’t believe God is through with me yet. I have much new music in different stages of completion that will be coming out soon as well as the third step EP next month. I do not understand how he does it. I have no idea what I am doing, yet the work comes, and by the time the inspiration leaves and the others have added their amazing talents, the song has said just what “WE” needed to say. I pray the message is clear and strong on your end. 

I am sure people think I’m  crazy. I guess it helps as a musical recovery advocate… after all 

We’re telling people who don’t want to hear 

A message they won’t believe 

About an invisible loving God

That speaks to them through a fellowship of Love and truth

Comprised of a bunch of addicted drunks

That will bring them a life beyond their wildest dreams 

IF they will only accept this FREE gift of Grace!

yeah…. RIGHT 


Keep those prayers coming, because as you can plainly see, I need all the help I can get!


January 29th 2021

Today I am on day three of the Chemo. I am feeling weaker, but yet there is so much to do. Great new music written in different levels of completion. Trying to get the Step Two EP ready for Febuary, as well as the new piece ICU. Hope you like it. Love you guys! Please pray for me and for our country.

January 17th 2021

Today I sit here with critically low blood numbers, waiting on my new chemo medication and wondering what will happen? Will our country go the way of socialism with more oppression and corruption, or will God do something miraculous over the next few days. I suppose war is here today. The prophets say Gods justice is coming. I pray they are correct. 

Have mercy on us Father...Thy will be done.

January 9th 2021

Well I guess things they are a changing. I will be going onto an oral chemo type drug in the near future. In the meantime I will be trying to get my numbers up by transfusions. New music is on the way. I appreciate all your prayers and hope all will be go well over the adjustment time of a few months. Patiots stand strong!