I went in for a regular check up one day and got the call back that I had been diagnoses with Lukemia. Shucks.. now what? Well you know, its not my first rodeo, you just pray and start the process and allow God to lead you. As they say “we have brains to use”… so we use um.

After consultation, I discovered I would never be cured of Lukemia, I just have to work with it. So I started to attend the local cancer center for transfusions in order to stay alive. That’s a strange thing walking into a transfusion ward for the first time with all the others. Hard too describe how you feel, I guess you just have to experience that. 

After a while even, with the transfusions, I began to turn grey. Then the doc said she wanted me to try a new drug. A very expensive form of oral chemo. I started it by God’s Grace, for it was unaffordable to me yet made available, and the results were amazing. I just seemed to come back to life. Now I have been on that drug for several years and its still working. On the bottle it said it could cause new cancers to arise. Serious others cancer did show up but, I am dealing with that too. What else can we do?. 

Funny I never was ever very sick growing up, but today I suppose I am. I just do what needs to be done and go forward a day at a time. I feel the big thing is not to become too overwhelmed with this stuff. For instance, now I am on a twenty day secondary regimen of dugs that needed to be added to the first regimen I was currently on. All this has to be checked and rechecked by different docs and different medical centers for adverse drug interactions. My breakfast table looks like a laboratory in the morning and requires a notebook to keep things straight and on track. Thank God I had good insurance.

Yes, from that crazy good moment of clarity, sober living and sober thinking has brought me this far. God is always showing me things about myself and others that I would not see if I was not right here. So I must always look for the good in all of this and project His Love through it all. 

In a strange yet wonderful way I know this has all been a true divine privilege just for me, by my loving Father.