How We Begin

We must sincerely open our hearts and minds to God our father by accepting the love and forgiveness provided to us by the Grace of His Son Jesus through His work on the cross. " Acceptance is the answer to all our problems! "


There is no hiding from the Lord.. so if your going to get honest, you will have to do it in the here and now. The more honesty you can muster, the better off you are. Much like the more lies the worse off. Remember...  the truth will set you free. Be patient, for it's not easy to turn away from a lifetime of lying to yourself and others. It's doubful you can do this alone, believe me we've tried.  You need God and the fellowship to keep you honest. No better place to learn honesty than from a pack of reformed professional layers.


What Would Jesus Do?


Think it didn't have a hold on us... Think Again! That crazy compulsion that we have all felt to do the exact wrong thing at the exact wrong time. That spirit of hate will surely take you there if you allow it. We see it everyday in the rooms people with time that decide to try it one more time... LIGHTS OUT! That word we have read over so many times " Insidious " it means waits in ambush. Legal or illegal any thing that will alter our mental state.  If you ever read the back of all those liquor bottles you drank from and review the contents the largest component is of course spirits... nuff said.


What Would Jesus Do?


Blind and cannot see.. Thats us before that moment of clarity. Even after, we often return to our folly! How many have we hurt with our addicted behaviour not even being able to recall anything about the night, much less the person we offended. Forgiveness is the key to our new found hope and assurance in recovery. Forgiveness of others as well as ourselves. As my sponsor use to say..

"  We didn't know we didn't know. " 

All the promises began to materialize after the ninth step is undertaken. Just like our brothers and sisters we want to be loved, not dismissed and disregarded. While we are in addiction others turn away " bored or hurt ". At the end thay had all walked away.Were we too proud to apologize. If anything.. the one thing that we learn from all the others in the rooms is how in the world can we point our finger of accusation at anyone other than ourselves.

What Would Jesus Do?