Thursday July 16th, 2020 / 182!

How am I doing? Well, I gotta tell ya I’m feeling pretty good since feeling pretty bad. I have discovered ADVIL! Three times a day have changed my life I now have good mobility back so I need to step up the exercise. My numbers have not been so good and the docs say I need to stay away. So its like each day there’s me, my wife and God trying to figure out what He wants us to do next as I can only just do what I can. I’m trapped on social media for outreach but my glass is most assuredly half full. Need to think outside the box.


Sinday Morning June 28th

Praise God I'm alive and well! Getting use to being this way. Its different than before. My world is getting smaller and so am I but its still wonderful. I must look at the glass half full always and thank God for all he has done for me and my family. Funny how things that seemed important before now are waining.I use to be so motivated for so many things but as the years roll by...well not so much. I sure love my family and my family in recovery. God bless you all. Please pray for me.

Monday, June 8th 2020 / 178.6 Rough Night

Most of us try to follow the way, that is, if we want a life worth living, but so often we fall short. Forgiveness is the Grace we need to heal our relationships. Otherwise we’d all be on meds! 

In the beginning, the first word out of our mouths is usually “NO!” Speaking for myself, I had taken it a bit farther and stayed as stubborn as a mule for a large portion of my life.Isolating and not willing to ask for the help I really needed.

Today I feel that during my earlier life had I known that what I was doing was a bad thing when I was doing it. I wouldn’t have done it. Thank God He often gives us a pass for not knowing any better. 

Yeah.. Life becomes busy and we get so caught up in it that we sometimes feel like were stuck in a dream and can’t move on. Yes.. moving too fast while not paying attention to what we’re doing or saying can cause a lot of damage.

So what do we do?

Slow down
Don’t worry
Pray for things to work out just the way God wants them to and don’t be too hard on yourself. Most importantly, keep Christ in mind by remembering His Golden Rule.

8/7/20 - 178 Today making progress by His Grace

Sadness hit me hard today, so much devastation in our country. So many completely confused not sure what they believe anymore. The truth stumbles in the street.

I thank my God every day for recovery, for my mind has not been blurred by alcohol or drugs for over 30 years. Clarity is a precious way of life for me today.

It’s not the protesting, It’s not the politics, it’s the people who are destroying the greatest country the world has ever known. A country that offers more opportunity and freedom than any other country on earth. A country that use to be founded on truth and justice.

Know this …

The battle we fight today is not over what it appears to be. It’s a spiritual battlefield we are in. “ For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Deservedly this may be the unfortunate truth for our country/world today.

God may have decided to take away his precious light from our country that was founded through Him. We use to strive for righteousness, but now with the blood of millions of innocent infant souls on our hands, judgement is overdue. Have we received warnings? Look around. Plagues, earthquakes, locust, wars, starvation and persecution. It matters not what your cause is, because it doesn’t even hold a candle to the injustice and complete disregard for perfectly innocent, helpless, human life as has been appropriated here. Yet still now that dark power presses on for even more promotion and funding for abortions. Propagating evil under the absurd name of democrat.

Never has there been such a time when Gods truth must persevere through his people. It’s surely time for repentance for all in order to stave judgment. We must stand!

6/6 2020 178 Moving Up Praise God!

Last Winter I was touring through southeast Ohio. The devastation of drugs and alcohol was very evident. I had to think back. Why is it this way when it is such a beautiful area of the country. The answer..

Big Pharma’s Oxycodone, pill mills and the drug trade from Columbus.

The entire tristate area now is but a shadow of what it once was. In every city, row after row of abandoned houses with a few strange characters on the corners that are still available to stand on. In these area recovery has become and industry! Pulling off, I took a break from the road and strolled around a small local park in Rome to stretch my legs. About every 50 feet I would see a sign stuck in the ground asking for foster parents. Foster parents for all the children who were left behind by drug overdoses or foster parents to replace family members who are so addicted they can no longer function successfully as guardians.

Now we move to today…

The New York downtown tour posted here by Dean Yannello is being played out now across many major cities our nation. Take look at it because the media will not show it to you, but that’s what’s up and you need to see it.

All the major downtown areas that are being fire bombed and destroyed by thugs and the looters will not be rebuilt without law and order. The solution ( I use the term loosely ) from those in charge presented to their constituents is catch and release and defund the police. Lunacy! Who will suffer the most? I’ll tell you who will,  the minority neighborhoods that are left behind. What we have here is a simple matter of Governors unwilling to protect the public that elected them in order to fulfill some absurd personal political agenda. Their attitude.. Let the public be dammed!

Please Understand…

Without law and order there will be no rebuild, real estate prices will plummet and these downtown areas will turn to ghettos. The drug trade will move in to wipe out any decency that is left and then you’ll be left with exactly what I saw that day on the road in southeast Ohio…


Yeah.. there dying in Ohio, but they’re also gonna be dying in New York, Minneapolis, Chicago, Long Beach, Sacramento… and the list goes on and on and on. Better wake up sheeple because you're being led astray!


6/52020 - 177.6 today Woo Hoo!

Painful last night, but back on top this morning. Praise God I’m turning into the skinny rock star I always wanted to be. I can hardly wait to buy some groovy sheer chartreuse shirts like Steven Tyler wears!

Trying to think of what I can bring to the table today…

Perhaps our mutual solution would be timely.

As always with the spiritual, the solution is simple and we already have everything we need to find our way. The words come to mind “ Perfect Love casts out all fear”. Isn’t that what we are all really looking for… less anxiety, freedom from fear, joy in our hearts, gratitude for all we have, rather than bitterness for what we do not…Blessed Peace?

As in any special relationship finding real Love requires only surrender. The opposite can be heard in that old wonderful Bonnie Raitt song “ I Can’t Make You Love Me ”. Love cannot work that way.

In reality the term “True Love” can only refer to one.

The author of Love.. Jesus Christ.

It has never been about what other humans have said about him or how you feel about religion. It’s all about your personal heart relationship WITH Him. Getting alone, quiet and patient anywhere at anytime and opening all of yourself up to enjoy a real conversation with our Master Lover.

F.Y.I. There’s a reason He gave us two ears and one mouth. ( Here.. I am talking to myself )

You can’t go wrong with True Love.

If you need to apologize, as I have had to in order to get a little closer, don’t worry. As long as your apology is comprehensive and sincere, it will be accepted because guess what?


Love already loves you!

So Do I


June 3rd 2020

Early this morning I was able to enjoy the magnificent winds here in the mountains and watch the pink clouds race overhead. What a miracle, truly heaven on earth!

Still holding at 177 pounds. Last night so crippled that I could hardy get to bed. It’s the strangest thing, by morning with sleep ( precious sleep ) I have recovered enough to start again without so much effort.

Inspired with much new music now, the desire and ability to write and produce is still so amazing to me. For a guy that never had a music lesson, how has all this even happened. It brings me much joy and it is my hope that it brings new insights and understanding, in some small way, to all of you as well. For you see, I have received the same instruction many times from Him, that this is in-deed my “SOUL“ objective.

When we have formed a new work and it’s in its last stages, I often become overwhelmed by gratitude. It is my sincere hope that I am able to live each day and perserverve to write every song from the worldwide inspiration I receive from all of you.

So… for and by the truth, love and understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ, may His peace be with you and remain in you always.


How I've Felt LatelyFriday May 17th 2020 / 174.7 pounds

After 8 weeks in isolation I have decided to begin to write.

I apologize to everyone for not being around the live circuit. When nineteen hit it was lock down for me and the wife. The longer I’ve been in, the more strength I lose but, I am hoping I can get it back. Dealing with some new infection for past few days has been quite the experience. As you may know, being diagnosed with Leukemia in August of last year, this was the first time I had really been laid out by it . By the Grace of God I’m coming back without the aid of chemotherapy drugs. Praise God!

It’s about six in the morning and beautiful as Bax ( my Doggie ) and I had a chance to cruised the neighborhood. This pic indicates how I have been feeling the past few days but this day so very grateful to be standing up feeling alive with appetite. God bless my wife!

So you say got a blog eh Jake… well sup?

We have a new tune entitled Cast that has been on the back burner that need to get completed. I also realize that God has done this thing for me as I have mentioned in person to many of you. He wants me to express to you His urgency for you open your hearts to Him in order to feel what real love means.   It takes two. Also to help me preserver and extend my reach via Zoom. So if your in a Zoomesk kinda facility or group and need a free, clean and sober musical  recovery speaker to zoom in, I’m your man. For I feel it will only be the Grace of God to have the opportunity to be with you live again.

May 20th 1:09 AM 177 Pounds

I just got up.. not easy. Thinking about my life and what I had been up to for the last 20 years and came up with this…


Going to places no one wants to go

Seeing the faces no one wants to see

Talking to those who don’t want to hear

About something they need that nobody wants


Pretty crazy huh?

I was online last evening with an older group from Florida and a woman said that old line that I have heard so very many times from others directed to me.. "You care more about those people than you care about me!"

Many times I have had that exact line screamed at me as loud as possible right in front of my face or wept so sadly in front of me through a vail of tears.

How can we explain this to others?

If you were anything like me, the fellowship was and still is a lifeline to sanity in a crazy world. So many times I remember being dropped off at meetings…“ It was about dusk on that dingy little street, with a few very strange characters huddled around a worn out doorway. A somber mood completed the scene with clouds of blue smoke and low discussions with an occasional peal of shrieking laughter “ Yep.. that AA all right. Thank God for you people! Even after sanity had returned I still need you people to show me crazy, so that I can know I'm still on the right side.. Whatever that is?

Ya feel me?

If you get a minute, please say a prayer for me, cause it's not so easy being be today. THANK YOU !