November 26th nteresting Thanksgiving day today… 

My wife has been fighting something but this morning it came on.. PRAY that it is not COVID that’s all we need. 

She is so wonderful.. had been working hard in the kitchen all day yesterday preparing food for a Thanksgiving dinner with  close friends... all down the drain now.

Sat down with the oncologist yesterday. The story is always the same… swimming upstream hoping not to have to take the bait but I guess.. Thankful its there. 

Two new songs on the way ICU for Christmas and Only Child for 1st step month. I try to match up an EP each month for how I see things through a Christian iWorld lens. I believe the monthly EP stays more relevant and focused rather than our archive. Thank God for music it is such a part of my life. A gift from the Almighty. Thank you father for all you do for me my wife and family and all of us in recovery… 

We praise your holy name!

November 20th 2020

Well... ( Deep subject for a shallow mind ) my blood test came back and things have gone a bit further south. So now much more to learn and find out about what to do or not to do that is the question… I would appreciate any prayers you can pass my way. Thanks so much for being on ZOOM can’t make it without you people! I’ll keep you posted…

October 24th 2020 

 Have not posted an update for a while. I suppose I’m feeling fine, THANK GOD! My sleep patterns have changed some but I think it's just because I now just live at home like so many with compromised health. It's two AM now. Just woke up from a vivid dream, which I often have. In the dream I was looking for employment and got caught in a murder plot with a very rich man who wanted to kill an innocent young girl in order to get closer to her widowed mother. I was caught up in a heavy, risky moral dilemma Its main theme… deceit.  I remember thinking I wish I could speak to my father. Guess between all the election news and my newest "funk" piece “ If Pigs Could fly” that’s what I have been immersed in latley. 

Praise God for all he does! Still alive and well! So interested in LIFE! I have found so many great groups online that I have a hard time figuring out who I want to hang with. People in recovery around the world are the bomb! 

Thank you for your prayers… THE’RE WORKING!

September 21st 2020

 Well the report from my oncologist was slighly better so I am delighted! Yesterday was the first day cold enough to have a morning fire and I made one today as well. Does not get any better than starting your day with God under a starlit sky with a fire and a hot cup of coffee.

September 17th 2020

Tele visit from my oncologist today. Praying for good news. Our last discussion was not too positive.


September 6th 2020 

So much I want to say. Hope I have time to say it. I’m feeling fine, but wondering if this is the calm before the storm? I thank God for each feeling-healthy day that he gives me. Science may be calling, but I ain’t a going.. not yet anyway. The mountain weather has been beautiful, still late summer here, still sleeping, still dreaming. In the mornings we feel the fall temperatures. I feel so blessed to be here. 

Old age seems typical. Most humans don’t really get it until later in life…if then. We stay unwilling to change until we’re just about gone. Thank God that Hound of heaven keeps after us, or we would never succumb to Love. 

Not my will but thine be done. 

Praise Jesus for the parable of the workers in the vinyard. Where He showed us God’s mercy and Grace. In that even those who are converted late in life, earn equal rewards along with those who were converted early. 


Monday August 24th

Well folks I suppose  its update time… Got my new numbers and they are still going the wrong way. Today another procedure at the hospital, not cancer related, followed by another procedure that will be. I’m getting tired of all this stuff, but I praise God that I have the medical insurance and doctors availible. I believe I have penty of new music on the horizon and I am feeling fine thanks to our dear Lord. The docs are pushing for more science,  but I’m not interested at this time as the Lord keeps me up and going. Purchased some new horse power for the music department. I hope the Lord will enlighten me. Technology is more of an uphill battle than it use to. Please pray for me….. THANK YOU

Thursday July 16th, 2020 / 182!

How am I doing? Well, I gotta tell ya I’m feeling pretty good since feeling pretty bad. I have discovered ADVIL! Three times a day have changed my life I now have good mobility back so I need to step up the exercise. My numbers have not been so good and the docs say I need to stay away. So its like each day there’s me, my wife and God trying to figure out what He wants us to do next as I can only just do what I can. I’m trapped on social media for outreach but my glass is most assuredly half full. Need to think outside the box.


Sinday Morning June 28th

Praise God I'm alive and well! Getting use to being this way. Its different than before. My world is getting smaller and so am I but its still wonderful. I must look at the glass half full always and thank God for all he has done for me and my family. Funny how things that seemed important before now are waining.I use to be so motivated for so many things but as the years roll by...well not so much. I sure love my family and my family in recovery. God bless you all. Please pray for me.

Monday, June 8th 2020 / 178.6 Rough Night

Most of us try to follow the way, that is, if we want a life worth living, but so often we fall short. Forgiveness is the Grace we need to heal our relationships. Otherwise we’d all be on meds! 

In the beginning, the first word out of our mouths is usually “NO!” Speaking for myself, I had taken it a bit farther and stayed as stubborn as a mule for a large portion of my life.Isolating and not willing to ask for the help I really needed.

Today I feel that during my earlier life had I known that what I was doing was a bad thing when I was doing it. I wouldn’t have done it. Thank God He often gives us a pass for not knowing any better. 

Yeah.. Life becomes busy and we get so caught up in it that we sometimes feel like were stuck in a dream and can’t move on. Yes.. moving too fast while not paying attention to what we’re doing or saying can cause a lot of damage.

So what do we do?

Slow down
Don’t worry
Pray for things to work out just the way God wants them to and don’t be too hard on yourself. Most importantly, keep Christ in mind by remembering His Golden Rule.

8/7/20 - 178 Today making progress by His Grace

Sadness hit me hard today, so much devastation in our country. So many completely confused not sure what they believe anymore. The truth stumbles in the street.

I thank my God every day for recovery, for my mind has not been blurred by alcohol or drugs for over 30 years. Clarity is a precious way of life for me today.

It’s not the protesting, It’s not the politics, it’s the people who are destroying the greatest country the world has ever known. A country that offers more opportunity and freedom than any other country on earth. A country that use to be founded on truth and justice.

Know this …

The battle we fight today is not over what it appears to be. It’s a spiritual battlefield we are in. “ For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”

Deservedly this may be the unfortunate truth for our country/world today.

God may have decided to take away his precious light from our country that was founded through Him. We use to strive for righteousness, but now with the blood of millions of innocent infant souls on our hands, judgement is overdue. Have we received warnings? Look around. Plagues, earthquakes, locust, wars, starvation and persecution. It matters not what your cause is, because it doesn’t even hold a candle to the injustice and complete disregard for perfectly innocent, helpless, human life as has been appropriated here. Yet still now that dark power presses on for even more promotion and funding for abortions. Propagating evil under the absurd name of democrat.

Never has there been such a time when Gods truth must persevere through his people. It’s surely time for repentance for all in order to stave judgment. We must stand!