Upon completing the steps of recovery, it's crucial for us to stay the path. Working with others while continuing to seek the highest truth of our new true spiritual way. 


Our problem started here.

The Event of Disassociation

How did it happen? When did it happen? That moment when you decided you were not worth it anymore. Walking away from the divine truth of yourself  a God created perfect soul into the lie. A death, divorce, abuse or a lost romance. Sometimes it happens when we are very young.


Running away from the Truth of who you really are by living the lie can only bring ruin. 

Incomprehensible Demoralization

Feel hopeless? Seem helpless? Take heart... instructions of righteousness are hard wired into us. We have just arrived at the end of self, a blessed place to be sure. Can you accept the fact that your way does not work? Millions of us can assure you there is a way that does! Nothing can fill that God sized hole except God but surrendering can be difficult. From our Father in heaven we can we find the faith we need for the Love we want?

The Fellowship

Our best thinking brought us here. The rooms of the broken hearted where two or more gathered together will love you until you can love yourself. Leave that fellowship of liars and join a family of truth, where everyone suffers from the same malady. Here we are focused on recovering our true selves. The Big Book / God for Dummies presents a real understanding of our dilemma and a solution that will work. Yes, if you are willing to seek the truth you shall in-deed find your way.

Graduation Day

We think not! Since we have now come to the end of ourselves, seeking the way of divine Love is new life! Know this .. the more we seek, the more we find, it's always getting better if we are sincere in our quest. We are all seeking an everlasting solution wether we know it or not. It's a process not an event. Be kind to yourself for its progress not perfection.

University of Salvation

" We didn't know, we didn't know" The revelation of Jesus Christ. All we see in recovery points to mercy love and truth.. None of us deserve this and we do did not earn it. The work has already been done and is finished.  Acceptance is the answer to all our problems, acceptance of the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ. The Bigger Book / The Bible / The Word Of God. Don't like religion, neither did Jesus Christ... Remember His words... " I came not to condem, but to fulfill " Christ our eternal permanent solution is always in that present moments with His arms opened wide.


Coming out behind the disguise. Becoming more actual... naturally and then becoming over time in sobriety more and more of who we really are.. We are turning into our true divine selves. The one God made us to be with a realization of gifts received and our God given ability to make a difference in this world. Amazing!

Working With Others

Sharing your cross with others will keep you honest. Staying teachable will put the pieces back together. Carrying the message will bring humility. We become givers rather than takers and service is an excellent way to show your gratitude for all you have received. Stay close and reach out to the newcommers

A Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The Life God had intended for you all along. The Super Natural One! Finally true freedom of self in God. The true individual that you were always suppose to be. Comfortable in your own skin. Happy, Joyous and Free.