The Prison of Unforgiveness

How difficult can it be to forgive? 

Sometimes, when working a fifth step with a new man I will ask, when did that resentment occur in your life? So many times the answer will be decades ago. So yeah, sometimes forgiveness does not come for a long, long time. “Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly but it will always materialize if we work for it”. Know this, it is a simple choice, but hey, “WE” are a stubborn lot. Think of how long it took you to come in from the pouring rain!

What I need to remember, because of all the invaluable teaching you have blessed me with, are the words of our Master Lover…

Before He died…

Scourge, beaten and humiliated for only Loving others.

Hanging on a cross by spikes driven through his hands and feet.

He exclaimed ,“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”

Love and Tolerance is our code.

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