True Partnership

Through active alcoholism, Love falls away. The “Love damage” your addiction has caused, will depends on it’s severity, and time in grade. As a woman told me at my first meeting. “Keep coming back we will love you until you can love yourself.” Love is the only answer to true partnership with another human being, but years of addictive thinking don’t simply vanish overnight

In AA, time takes time. “Sometimes quickly sometimes slowly but it will ALWAYS materialize IF we work for it” Love will return, if we are willing to follow the way. We must make our way to a natural life. It’s like they say, there’s only one thing we need to change.. everything. Over time, with work,  we can even become super natural. Remember this,YOU can’t do it. “IT” is done in God’s time through His blessed Grace filled revelation and the WE of the fellowship. As my good friend Georgi use to say… “Be patient before you become one!”.

Will this really work for you? 

How many millions of people do you think have been saved from addiction by God Grace, through AA?

Friend.. your just not that special.

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