The “Work”

I tell others, it’s freely..

Going places no one wants to go

Seeing people no one wants to see


Bringing a message few will hear

What can I say, the only reason anyone would do this “work” is because they are compelled by the Grace of God.  

How does it happen?

Beats me it just does. It’s like revelation, you just find yourself there. 

As strange as it may sound, it’s an ego-less proposition, for when the ego pops in the “work” pops out. It’s a paradox like so many things in this field. Like when I arrived at my first home group, I thought.. What can these people possible have for me? They saved my life! It’s like the same with the “work”. The results can only materialize over time, if you stay with it. 

Let’s ask me some questions…

What is the result? 

Don’t know. 


How is the result? 

Amazing, mysterious, emotional and wonderful. 


Is it worth it?

Only to me


Do you prepare for it?



Are the songs difficult to develop and produce?

No, they just come one after another and each single inspiration turns into a finished work for the most part.


How do you explain it?

I don’t


Is it expensive?

From a world standpoint… very, yet God provides


Where does the song inspiration come from?

I believe it’s a expression of God Grace through others sharing within groups of people.

I suppose I could go on and on but I don’t think it would make and difference because it's not even me, so how can I even explain it. It’s like “Materialized Spirituality”  In Him, with Him and through Him in unity with the Holy Spirit. 

F.Y.I.  I’m not holy, I don’t deserve it and anyone can do this IF they will.

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