For an addict alcoholic, the benefits of recovery groups are staggering. One of the greatest gifts we receive is a knowledge of the dis-ease that we experience. Its really important to understand what you are up against. As they say “ Cunning Baffling Powerful “ from experience, I can tell you, “You better believe it! “

All your questions can be answered in group IF you ask. 

Don’t be afraid to ask what you may believe to be a stupid question, we all have. It’s critical that you gain a through understanding of your dilemma. Yes, it appears to be a life long illness that can take you out anytime IF, you decide to pick up again. However, It is also an amazing solution to finding your true self and your divine purpose for living. Remember, you can’t do this alone! So, keep coming back cause ‘WE” need your input and experience strength and hope to help complete our groups.

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