These words I am putting down here, often take time in sobriety to understand.

Since you have made the decision to turn your will and your life over to the care of God, you have moved into a completely new spiritual neighborhood, from darkness into Light. Now, God can work with you but, only if you continue to let Him. 

As a child, if I ran out into the street my loving father would tell me not to do that. If I did it again I would most likely get a spanking. This is Love for someone who does not know any better. Under the influence of my addiction I did not know any better. I was inebriated and not interested in changing my crazy behavior. Over time, unbeknownst to me, my wild self-directed life was truly headed to jails, institutions or death. Finally, the consequences got so bad, that even a fool like me had to pay attention. 

Today I realize, that what I thought was the worse day of my life, was in reality, a Grace filled blessing of the highest magnitude. Why, because that day has brought me to this one. Now, I live a new wonder filled life of true adventure, serenity and divine purpose. 

You may ask.. “ How did you get there?” The answer. is I didn’t. I was directed though divine corrective action because I had finally chosen this way over that. Most times, I did not know what to do but, I damn sure knew what not to do. I did not like a lot of it but, here, I needed to see instead with a faithful heart. My new way, in His neighborhood, was all occurring in order to help me in my chosen God directed life to climb higher spiritually. 

In sobriety, I am not doing the crash and burn thing anymore as I was before. These days I usually don’t even really have a hand in the difficulty’s that come my way, other than my past. I have quit fighting and learned that acceptance IS the answer to all my problems. Acceptance of the Grace of God’s love and guidance in my daily life. He his guiding me with revelation to achieve my true happy destiny. An eternal life of Joy with Him!


Thank you Lord!

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