The fool

... not knowing

Lord God let me see what a fool I have been

 Let me see who I am revealed by my sin

Let me know that I can't no matter how hard I try

Hide from your Love in my hears deep inside

For I need to know now all the harm that I've done

As to make restitution before seeing the son

God help me help others in this valley of strife

Proclaiming your Mercies for the rest of my life



Jesus and The Adulteress

Blind and cannot see.. Thats us before that moment of clarity. Even after, we often return to our folly, How many have we hurt with our addicted behaviour and not even been able to recall the night much less the person we offended. Forgiveness is the key to our new found hope and assurance in recovery. Forgiveness of others as well as ourselves. As my sponsor use to say.. "  We didn't know we didn't know. " 

All the promises began to materialize after the ninth step is undertaken. Just like our brothers and sisters we want to be loved not dismissed and disregarded. While in addiction others turned away bored or hurt. At the end thay had all left.. perhaps because we were too proud to apologize. What we learn in  recovery it that it is very hard to point the finger.