SKI? Are you crazy!

Pain’s back pretty strong this morning. Taking a bit more pain med to see if it can cut the mustard. This medication they given me does not seem to get the job done but, we’ll let you know in thirty. 

I’m becoming an old man these days, and if I don’t do something to stop it, it’s gonna happen. What it’s a gonna take is getting my butt to the gym daily no matter how busy I think I am or, how bad I feel. Exercise is the name of the game for holistic heath, and I better get there while I still can! 

I have a good friend who has been through some of what I have and other that I have not. Some days when I see him, it looks as if he could not do the gym. That’s gonna be me, if I don’t get off my duff and get moving…. Scary thing is, it might be me already, but I need to go to find out.

Steroids, pain meds, nerve drugs, oral chemo, after a while this stuff wears on you. What’s a person to do? The chemo drug is keeping me alive.. better not stop that one. This is the way it is. It’s like the header sez “Change Your Mind,” ask God for help, and act as if. 

I’ll set a goal. 

I’m going to ski this season! 

Somehow, someway I’m gonna ski. Two of my seventeen grandchildren are here today wanting to get out on the slopes but, today I can only watch cause don’t think its a good idea for a seventy year old man to ski on pain meds.


FYI pain meds are helping…thank God

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