A little lonely

Well I’m here tonight, blood number’s better, thank.  God, but still with pain. Stopping Gabapentin over the next few days but back on oral chemo. Trying to take less pills and just gut it out. They are always tight on pain meds. Those went away a while back. The good news is, went to the gym today and had a good workout!

Tonight the wife’s out and it’s lonely here. So glad I have a God loving woman who is for me. Don’t think I would be here today if not for her. Our live’s, especially mine, have been reduced to a smaller world. Travel has become harder but, still try to get out to speak to others trapped in addiction, so important!. This Saturday, I have an opportunity to share, but it’s a two hour drive up and two hours back. Didn’t seem like too much before, but it kinda does now. We’ll see how it goes with God’s help. Please keep me in prayer. That’s what really gets me through these days.

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