Old age.. Who ME!

Well, I’m a trucking along here with my slow progress. Thinking of how all of these health issues are starting to affect my life. Don’t think I can take on many new stressful responsibilities, other than trying to manage my own affairs. 

Energy levels sure ain’t what they use to be. Like they say, my get up go, got up and went. Not taking a nap anymore, but probably should. 

Concerned about pain. Wondering will it go away within the five weeks, or is it developing into a chronic condition. With low immunity from serious cancer treatment, fighting Leukemia and old age that may become a long term problem. 

I’m starting to noice that the medications they give me seem to have endless refills, so my prescription pill collection is growing. I wonder really how I’m doing? I feel I am getting great heath care with the professional I am working with. I make my appointments and do what they say. I guess this is where someone sez,“Ya know Jake, Old age ain’t for sissys.”

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