Rough Night

Good Morning Everyone

Was not so good about fifteen minutes ago! Last night about three, I had what they call a night sweat. You wake up from a dead sleep in a pool of sweat. Have to change your clothes then lay back down in wet cold sheets. That’s the cancer talking to me. Later at four, I experienced severe leg cramps, so I’ll probably walk with a limp today….nice. The shingle pain was back strong this morning about five and until I took all my pills and the pain meds, things were rough…. Better now… whew. I don’t know what folks do without pain medication, suffer I guess, tough. The medical community is pretty slow on given these things out too. I get that, but not fun getting caught in the middle with pain and no meds or not enough, which is often the case.

Sitting here now at six in the silence, with the Lord, in the moonlight, with a fire and a hot cup of coffee. It doesn’t get any better than that for me. It’s gotten cold today. I think winter weather is finally here in the mountains. Bummer, I was hoping to ski and was working steady at the gym to strengthen  myself so that I could try it when the Shingles hit. I have lost what I had gained, so it's start over time again. Maybe I can get it back before the season over….maybe?

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