Got back last night from the health center. Went to see what condition my condition was in. 

I’ll give ya the good new first. 

The cancer is healing up nicely and the shingles, I hope, are getting better… Thank You Jesus! 

The not so good news 

My numbers are not good. The doc says I need to hole up. Can’t see anyone! Said “If you get sick your body can’t fight it and you can get infected very easily” She said, “if you get a fever it would be an emergency and you would need to go straight to the hospital” Wow!

So… I stay home and guess what? I have another prescription to take… Shazammm. That brings my current prescriptions to six with the supplements and vitamins all totaled about 20 pills a day. May not sound like much to you but I don’t care much for taking anything. I remember those days but, I guess their gone. 

I best start trying to eat better too and no dang sugar! I was gonna try and crank up the gym when I got back, now that’s on hold again, along with everything else. I guess I best start walking the neighborhood.

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