The 1st Book of WE

Written by hundreds of thousands

A very dear friend once told me that told me I needed to write a book about all the things I had learned from our collective truth and God's revelation.

This wil be an ongoing work of some duration. I am not sure it will ever be finished except when I am no longer here to write down the words.

I pray I will do this project justice for it is only by the Grace of Christ and the fellowship am I even alive to attempt this work.  AMEN


One thing I know for sure, I have had  lengthy, extreme  periods of stupidity brought on by ignorance and the blindness that comes through addiction. After all I kept myself trapped in addiction for nearly twenty years. Like sheep we are all lead by spirit wether we know it or not. This work is a documented lifetime walk of spiritual revelation. It's about me, but at the same time it is not at all about me. I do not claim to be anything other than a garden variety human being. For the last thirty years or so ( after my moment of clarity ) I have been spending time and paying close attention to God and all of you, trying to discern His singular truth and how that lines up with your collective truth. It is my intention to continue to discern the collective truth of the broken hearted by continuing to spend time, listen closely and of course abide in Christ. I pray I will be able to stay honest, open and willing to do this work. The purpose here is to give this information away in order to help others avoid the problem and understand how much we are all loved and cared for by almighty God.

Simple, but not easy.



As I was told early on, your mother and Father went off to make love and nine months later you popped out. The whole idea of being born has changed so much for me over the years. What a miracle! While my mother was sitting around the house eating taco's I was being woven together by God inside of her. I came out nine months later whole and complete.. Thank You God! Having been born a sinner, I came out of my mother's womb into the world screaming at the top of my lungs. 

What a blessed childhood I had for my parent's truly loved me. I had everything a child could ever need or even want in those early days. Our home was quiet, peaceful and filled with love. I was blessed beyond measure. 

Raised in the church, I attended a private grade school and was brought up and instucted in that religious denomination. Although my parents took me to church every Sunday, I received no bible instruction at home other than don't do wrong please do right.

Our childhood world is a part of who we eventually become. Often we grow up from that place to being very much like our parents, wether we want to or not. For it's not about wanting, its about learning or being immersed in the experience. As they say, a chip off the old block. Hopefully the "old block" is more than just that but unfortunately many times they are not. So many of us today are being affected generationally by divorce, abuse or addiction and the training and understanding that we needed, when we were young, was not given. As we grew up lacking what we needed, we didn't know because we never received it. Thus, as we became adults and started our own families, we could only offer the same that we received, believing that our children were receiving what they needed to understand as a child.

It's not really any ONE'S fault its cumulative down the blood line generational thing lead by free will spiritual choice.

So much of what occurs in our lives depends on the condition of the heart, for the mind does not handle true love as the heart must. So my question to you would be " What happened to your heart in those formidable years as a child. Did your heart stay soft or did it harden. If you are at a place today where you don't even like yourself then you have your answer.

So... what do we do when we have " lost" love.

The answer is of course.. FIND IT!

What is Love? Love is God. Think about this.

You were born to live life at the top of the food chain with free will. Unlike animals that are only instinctual. Born onto planet earth, a miraculous beatiful blue water globe that sustains us. An incredible world of beauty and wonder that we were permitted to come into to live and have our being. This one world surrounded by the dark vacumn of light years of distant space filled with other amazing planets, galaxies and wonders beyound comprehension that we are trying to understand.

Consider our atomic structures the fabric of existance all held together by His light. I mean this is crazy because the list of mind blowing realities goes on ad infinitum. 

On the left is one of a zillion Hubble photos of deep space that we could not see before, but now comes into view with our deep space telescope. The small just becomes smaller and the large just gets larger. Quantum physics has turned our age old ideas upside down. Folks I am here to tell you God will not be understood until we are standing right in front of him. 

This is the one who created us and as complicated and mind blowing as this all seems, the human creation is just as amazing. I'm talking here about you!