Another Dream

This morning I felt I had another important dream. I woke from a sound sleep and there it was, short but clear as a bell… 

In the dream, I received a gift, wrapped in translucent paper.  I unwrapped a small mysterious  three draw lock box with three keys. 

I believe a primary goal of every human being in life is to know themselves. I lived a large portion of my life in denial over that. Oh, I thought I knew, but the proof was in the pudding. How were things going? Lots of fruit? 

Today, I understand that true knowledge is about knowing your heart, and further, that finding your heart is a gift from God. To break it down a bit further, the Trinity of God. So in matters of the heart we must start with Christ. He was the first, the one that came down to instruct us. He was the one they all wrote about. The author of truth, the one who fulfilled scripture and laid down His Life for us. 

As recovery folks had told me many times, “Acceptance is the answer to all your problems.”Acceptance of Christ’s blessed Gift of Grace. Paid for by His Precious Blood. Yes, we must start with that, then, because we surrender he provides us with our new life conscience, the Holy Spirit. That’s how we now discern the next truly right thing to do. 

Through continued seeking of His way and truth, spiritual understanding becomes clearer with an  everyday, humble realization of Christ’s undeserved love. Only the incredible love of Jesus has the power to overcome our self directed lives of sin. 

It is Jesus who said “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except by me” 

IF we continue to seek truth, we come to believe through an amazing divinely-directed destiny that is revealed only for us here on Earth. We begin to “WANT” to conform with Christ in spirit and in truth. 

Finally IF we persevere, in death we are blissfully joined with billions of other believers in our everlasting home in Heaven as Our Father invites us with those wonderful words “Well Done My Good and Faithful Servant.” 

So a dream… Three keys divinely simply or three keys humanly impossible to find your heart 

Key #1 Surrender to Christ Honestly and sincerly 

Key #2 Receive the Holy Spirit and stay open. Listen for that still small voice throughout your life and learn from it. 

Key #3 Keep seeking, reading scripture and connecting with other believers. Staying close so when that all important moment comes like a thief in the night, Your Father in heaven will look into your eyes and say “Welcome home my good and faithful servant.” 

One last thing.. 

The wrapping paper represents the veil…A visual statement, that He IS the Lord, sees all things, knows all things. Because he is, we love Him, and need to stay ready to obey him “For His rod and his staff will comfort us”. It's a totally counter-cultural statement proclaiming obedience in the midst of a society that is today, totally permeated with the defiant attitude of  "I will not serve,” 

…but service is what we do, Right? 

Why is that? 

The answer to that question, is the proof of the solution supplied by Him that we had sought for so long. 

Namely that.. 

We have hearts today that know how to Love.