Slept a few hours.. now awake. Hope your doing well tonight. 

Thinking about youth. Wow what a thing and ya don’t know what you got until its gone. I have known some remarkable young people in my day. I don’t consider myself one of them. I did not maximize my education as I should have. I guess it was the ole I’ll do it my way thing. At even a young age I was still always afraid to take that last big step. I was also blessed by God that I did not get so lost in myself that I couldn’t find my way back out. Although I never ever really feel maximized in my youth, with my opportunities I did OK. 

Now late in life OK sounds a little lame. For myself as with all off us eventually time runs out for substantial restarts and new careers. 

What could I have been? 

Nothing in life is easy, there is work and then there is more work. That just the way it is, but you can get there if you want it bad enough. I suppose it’s just about getting where you think your trying to get that’s the tricky wicket. Need to be very careful with that choice. You can spend your only lifetime and at at the end find out you were under a terrible disillusion. I have a vey good friend that travels around Africa mentoring a whole lot of little children about the ways of the Lord. Now there’s a job for you that’s gonna have an amazing everlasting retirement program! 

Our lives and the Lords ways are intertwined in inexplicable ways if you have or even if you have not given yourself up to Him. The really cool thing is you don’t really know what you did or did not do for Him. Let’s just call that His blessed humility gift to us. I guess all I really feel about all that, is that I could never do enough no matter what I did because of all He did for me. We are all so blessed for His ways are so much higher we cannot even pretend to know. We just need Love and be Loved. 

Our simple guarantee. 

ROMANS 8:28 

All things work for good for those who love the Lord and are called to His purpose