A few years back, when I was traveling the country as a musical recovery speaker, my sponsor at the time Mr. Wally K, an awesome man of God, wanted me to write a book about it. I thought if I ever did I would entitle it “PERFORMANCE”, because It didn’t have a thing to do with it. 

I always kind of felt in those days that people thought I was trying to be someone. I’m sure that was only my crazy brain. I mean think about it, I was showing up at places no one wanted to go, speaking to people no one wanted to see about something no one wanted to hear… for  FREE! 

Sheer lunacy in the eyes of the world. Eventually I learned that if I could remove myself mentally from those play dates that God would move in with His positive healing presence and change things. 

I can tell you this, it was a strange but wonder-filled life I led for 20 years. I keep telling myself if I can get back to reasonable health from here, it is my intention to work the road again in some limited capacity. I say that from my standpoint, not God’s. 

To begin the facilitation process I recently added a zoom sponsorship recovery program onto our sight. I am sure people look at it and think.. “ What the heck kinda program is that? “ That, my friends, is a simple free program that I believe, after nearly forty years of sobriety I can manage worldwide, to deliver my best effort of experience, strength, hope, inspiration, and creativity. This program is exclusively for men who are willing to do the work to achieve successful sobriety and true joy in living. If you don’t like the way it looks, please be sure to try a different one for there are many, but they all kinda boil down to the same thing… 

God could and would IF He were sought. 

I urge you to try it if you need a sponsor. I’ll be online tomorrow at 11:30 Hope to see you then!