Skirting the Storm

Ah.. NOT! I kept thinking, hoping, but no, ain’t gonna happen. The storm is coming! 

Yesterday the doc prescribed opiate narcotics, something I am not too happy about, but like the wife says we just gotta do what we gotta do. I mean thank God for pain meds, but I have certainly seen my share of folks go back out on these things. Narcotics were never my thing, but lets get real, they have addicted millions. My wife and I need to be very careful when it comes to this stuff. I have never used Oxy before. 

We have three fold plan: 

1st  We wait until the pain actually requires the medication 

2nd  We cut the pills in half so we can apply in smaller quantities of 2.5 mg. 

3rd   As soon as the pain subsides we stop adding medication. 

I will wait until I get back home today before we try this, if we do then. It’s still gonna be tricky because I can’t really eat food now, I’m down to protein shakes and fruit smoothies. Also, when you start to use these things, they say you get clogged up instantly, so that has to be dealt with. So when we start, we will need to start taking something for that…  Oh Joy. 

Unfortunately I think things around here are going to become a bigger pain in the butt than they already are.

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