1. If you have not worked the 12 steps of recovery...

 If you suffer from addiction and realize that you have a problem, it would be wise for you to join a home group, get a sponsor and work the steps.

If you do nothing.. then nothing changes.


2. If you have worked the 12 steps of recovery...

That's great! You have completed a great work and one that will benefit you greatly your whole life long

Stay with recovery groups and attend meetings regularly for there is much to learn - As they say.. we are usally a lot sicker than we think we are.

Get involved with recovery!

Keep a sponsor!

Fill your phone with others in recovery and call them regularly to lend support.


3. If you have NOT said the sinners prayer and given your life to Christ...

This is a critical decision you must make for yourself. God has given us all free will spiritual choice. It's up to you! 

If you are having difficulty, working the 12 steps will help. Over time, if you stay clean and sober and continue to " Seek" you will begin to understand the Love of Christ through revelation from God


4. If you HAVE said the sinners prayer and given your life to Christ?

That's great! You have made the right choice and one that will revolutionize your life in His amazing way.

Read the word of God each day and more will be revealed.

Search for, find and attend a church where you feel comfortable, secure and loved.

Join a home group at that church and get involved.

Fill your phone with other believers.


5. If I have given my life to Christ why should I continue to attend recovery groups?

Christ shared his cross with the world and saved millions. You too can share your cross of addiction with others in recovery and save many for God's Glory.

Through the karmatic process of recovery you will be able to utilize those tragically wasted years and make a major life giving difference in the lives of other.


Here is a link to our Audio Video Linked Masterclass bridging Christ to recovery concepts