In your life
So many thing go wrong
It’s sometimes its very hard to understand
That to love
It can be difficult
Take every single thing that you can stand... Everything you can stand

If only you could take some time
Reflect on the other person side
It can be easier than reaching for a gun to kill
Or lighting up a pipe and getting high... So high

Just try to love your neighbor like your self
Yeah Baby
Set your pride on the shelf
Persecution solution a love revolution
All around the world

Set down to watch the news
5 Oclock teenage suicide
And then it came to me
the idea of it all
Why do people even have to die... Why do they
Teens are good
I know it’s in their nature
Its the world around them turns their lives to spit
What a shame no one to blame
The kids point that steel gun to their heads and click


One word of advice from a man that only hopes to realize
We have the means in this life if we don’t end up in eco mass colide
It’s only you who can make the change
Only by your own point of view
We have to try real hard together, but its really very easy just to do


All around the world
A love revolution all around the world