From the recording Now / Step Twelve


Day after day seems your climbing a mountain of mud
Perhaps a transfusion would help by replacing your addictive blood
Turn off the TV watch each of us till you know
Follow the steps that we took become the star in your very own show

We can help you get through today’s pain
If you’ll let us just explain
God’s Spectacular Change

Hard to believe what you told me night before last
Confessing those horrible ways that we we’re in our dark drunken past
Now we’re forgiven but it still seems so distant and far
Must permit Grace to enter and change who we think that we are

God can remove the guilt and the shame
Don’t dare go back to the same
Allow the Spectacular

Allow Spectacular change

Don’t drink and drug
Let go of that thug
Permit Spectacular change

So Spectacular

Your all so amazing but you haven’t quite realized you are
Together each day sober cleantime has healed our emotional scars
Lives have become better and better until
That God sized hole inside us is perfectly filled

God has remove the guilt and the shame
Will never be the same

With God's Spectacular Change
Accept that Spiritual Change
Allow Spectacular change