From the album CURRENT SET


I’m the leader… the leader

I’m the leader yes I’m the head use to be be another but now he dead
Can’t you see that its me.. I’m the only one..

I’m the victor to me the spoils I never work baby I don’t toil
Then when I get high then I decide THERE’S

Never enough sex for me never enough fantasy
Never enough society never enough you-see-me
Never enough Security never enough brutality
Never Enough
NO NO Never Never Enough

If I stopped being boss all the others would discover
That I’d changed who I was from a hangman to a lover

That I’d turned from a hater to a Grace infected other
Then they would try me out to fry me

Never Enough sex for me.. Refrain


Never Never Enough

If I try - changing me - from an I to a you
Do you really think i’d change - a flipping single thing I do
Cause what I do is who I am
Who I am it ain’t no other
When I get high everybody will discover

Never Enough Never Enough
Don’t You see I’m the leader the leader
I’m the leader yes I’m the head
Use to be another but now he…