From the recording TWELVE


I’m not God nor are you
But by His Grace we gonna make it through.. even you
We cant drink or drug no not today
Clean and sober is our only way

Here we go

Step 1 We Can’t do it
Step 2 We hope that He can
Step 3 We’re gonna let Him so we can be everything that we can
Step 4 Write it all down
Step 5 Tell them everything we can
Step 6 Entirely ready to grow up and be a real man

Stay grateful for what you have
Stay grateful
Stay grateful for blessed Grace
So grateful

Don't you doubt again
Stay with us connect and never ever leave

Keep keeping on

Step 7 Gain that humility
Step 8 Complete your list
Step 9 Say that your sorry by not leaving out anything you missed
Step 10 Keep it Honest
Step 11 Best keep praying
Step 12 Practice everyday in every way with your doing and your saying

Yes you will if you want to
Join us and believe too