I rushed to reach her when I got the call
Try to catch her before she took the fall

In that darkened fog I raced ahead
So afaid with that horrible dread

Now her last words haunt me to this time through

Those words she said “ I’ll wait for you”
The devil took away my only child

Started long ago when she was so young
Running round just havin fun
One drink here lead to another drug there until she didn’t take a single care

If I told her once I told her twice
Don’t drive drunk or you’ll pay the price
She swore she wait but…. checkmate

The devil took away my only child
didn’t care a thing about my love for her
he only takes the ones that will allow
him in their minds when dark winds howl

Yes he showed up on that fateful night
To slam the door on a young girls life

The Devil took away my only child