From the recording HONESTY / Step Ten


If ya gonna talk that talk
Better make sure you can walk that walk
Keeping first things first .. you better
Or may becoming kinda like worst things worst

So when you think you got it down
You better think again

Cause the way that you acting
It’s all so distracting
You just thinned skinned

Six months underneath your belt
You look a lot better bound to improve your health
Say your getting to your group .. that’s good
Because yu need to be drinking in a lot more of that truth

Now you think you got it down
You better think again
Because the way that your being
It ain’t so agreeing
Besides .. Where you been?


If you don’t hang out with us
You won’t build up that thing you need called trust
And If you don’t think that you must
Well then.. Ashes to ashes dust to dust

Sometimes we think we got it down
But we need to think again

If the way that we’re acting is all so distracting
Then you just thinned skinned

If the way that were being is all so disagreeing
Hey where you been

Connected together overcoming together our sins