Now here we go..

Well I knew in here I don't need somebody
I just need for once to try and find myself
but then she walked in showing too much skin
I thought oh God here I go again

But those jeans she worn, sent from Heaven above
Bring a man right down to his knees
She said "Hey good looking pour me a drink"
Well I had to think It was program time for me swim or sink
Mercy sakes alive I knew that girl would take me back out I knew she would

Ummm Yes Sir No human power
Well maybe this one would be different

Bubbles that's what they called that girl
Big trouble she's the one I want
I don't even love myself how can I hope to love somebody else
It's right the things they said..

But that wide mouth smile So much style
Big bubbles she the one I want
I have to find myself don't need no body else
this time I got to, got to, got to stop myself
Ah sweet bubbles she the one I want
Big trouble thats just what I get
Big bubbles she the one I want
Big trouble I seem to just forget

Ah now you know what Im talking about
I'm gonna get somebody else to fix me up

Ego desire take me higher.. oh yeah that girl was so hot

Big Bubbles she the one I want so badly
Ah but trouble will come my way again so sadly

Big Bubbles yeah.. (scat)