Tell us again bout those ole broken days
About the stick and the stones and the mean things they'd say
Tell us once more for the 99th time
How cruel they all were so lost and maligned

Oh can't you see what they've done
Trapped in the past your life's coming undone

Let darkness suppress what we can't seem to shake
No real help from the shirks or those pills that we take
Trying for years just to let it all go
But that victim in us wants the whole world to know

I can't see that hate hurts me

Peace just a dream with that madness inside
Dragging that old ball and chain by our side
All that they did all that they defiled
Breaking the innocence of our inner child


Living angry that way you don't realize the price that you pay
You have your reasons we know but your blocking the flow
Time to let go Quit holding on let go and let God
Got to let go… yeah