Winter 2019

In my home group last night I felt the warmth. New Year’s Eve we were all huddled in a small room high in the mountains for the meeting that we use to use when we started our tiny recovery group. Every seat was full. It was such a fine feeling to be with all of my closet friends. I pray those that have not experienced the awesome Love of Jesus Christ in our group, will receive the revelation of his precious love this year and open their hearts to His wonder-filled Grace to complete their recovery. We have been busy here at Cornerstone with the band getting our newest work “ Broken Bridges “ online. ( Not sure we are going to produce physical CD anymore even though people seem to want them. They are expensive and worse.. they are plastic! Lord knows we don’t need anymore plastic! )

Now we will be keeping our newest work online to listen to or share in helping others trapped in addiction. At iWorld studios we have been getting more involved with newer production techniques and feel ,at this time, we will be coming next with a Pop/Rap extended play. We have had more call of late for that style of music. As always, we try to give the people what they want.

Please pray for us! Our work continues, but we need your prayer to guide and direct us to what it is that the Lord wishes us to do and where he wants us to go. Keep in mind we do not have the resources ( No Dues or Fees ) or ability nor time to truly “market” our material to the addicted. We are too busy trying to do what we do which is write, produce, keep up with our online presence and tour. This is where you guys come in. Remember in order to help others we give it away... 

Because of your ongoing relationships with others active in addiction you have the unique ability to understand what to send others that they may need to hear. Use your relationships and knowledge of one another to make a difference today by gifting our newest E.P. or by reviewing our " Song Book " and selecting the perfect message. So simple to do, just a click away and we know it will strengthen your recovery fas well!

Love You All,