We feel our most important work is to disclose our most recent word from the Holy Spirit

That's why we lead with our “Daily Revelation,” because that's what it is.

All glory to you Almighty Father 



The other day, a friend in recovery was speaking about their difficulty in federal prison with periods of solitary confinement. To me, it sounded so much like addiction. It’s as if you are in a solitary state, isolated by your addictive behaviors, living in a secret world, all by yourself. A self made prison from which there is no escape. As if the title they almost gave the Big Book ,“A Way Out.“ Surely capsulizing all of us near the bitter end, searching for a way out.

I heard my great-grand sponsor quoted a few days ago when someone said, “Church told me who I could be, but AA showed me how to get there.” Yes indeed the Oxford group, Bill and Bob and all the early folks in AA designed the steps. A reverse engineered way to salvation. I think of it as God for dummies. Eighty-eight short years ago without the solution of the steps, or the saving knowledge of the way of Christ many just gave up and gave into the hopelessness of alcoholism and addiction. I watched film today about addiction in the streets of Philly a place that is far worse off since the lasst time I was there. What a horrible tragedy that is happening in so many major cities across our country. Since our leaders, and I use the term loosely, have dropped our borders, drugs now are killing American’s at record rates while the cartels are only getting stronger.

Love as always is what it boils down to. Finding a true personal relationship with our loving God. It can be just as simple as taking the twelve steps for the addict, alcoholic. Think about this, if you don’t have that personal relationship with God by now, then maybe it’s time you lay down what you think you knew about God, and start anew. The twelve steps have worked for millions of addicts and they will work for you, IF you let them but, you must give yourself honestly to the work to receive the desired result. As my good friend Earl used to say, “If you want a strawberry cake, you need to follow the directions in order to have one.” It’s the same way here. Remember it’s a process, and it will take some time, so please be patient with yourself. I will assure you in advance, the results are worth infinitely more than any effort you expend to get there. If you need to garner faith in the process to continue, simply attend recovery groups. There you will see for the yourself the results you are seeking in the lives of others. Proof positive it works!

let God do it 

So much blessed peace around us all the time, if we just take the time to enjoy it. To slow down and even notice it, takes work somedays. So much of my life in addiction was a blur. These days life is much slower. Just can’t really take on the fast pace anymore.

It can all change in an instant. What was for so many years, can fly away never to return, if we let it. Pray we don’t have war in this country. With all these crazy’s in positions of power in our government and their media deception, few really know what’s going on. I know this.. it ain’t good! My advice… stay informed. Check out Tucker Carlson, by God’s grace he’s still alive and seems to be talking truth on Twitter these days. You decide what you think and check out our “What’s Wrong Songs” too.

So grateful for all the Lord has done, so many miracles I have enjoyed in recovery. Like they say, its all about the alignment of the will. Get your will alined with the Light of Christ and all things go just the way there are suppose to… for your betterment. Don’t know the way, just take the steps. You may not understand it all as it’s going down but, just “fear not,” and more  blessed understanding will be revealed. 

Still up with my dog tonight, she just can’t sleep anymore. The wife and I have not been feeling well and I have had a lot of serious medical to deal with so we have been sleeping quite a bit. Our pooch however is still a pup, wants to run. Yes, life has been a string of miracles that I do not deserve but that’s the way it works for all of God’s children in recovery who repent and  seek. When we turn it all back over to Him and surrender, things work out the way there are suppose to. Worked for me and it know it will work for you for.


Well I thought I was doing fine but I still have some problems that need to be addressed. Seems the Lukemia has started up again and is giving me trouble. For that reason, more blood work today. I am beginning to see how people could get really tired of all this, but I must remember how blessed I am to have access to this level of care. 

I think of those in war zones around the world. Wished our government had a bit of self control  and restraint but, I think most know we have already crossed over the line in so many ways. I believe when they created the C.I.A. that is when lying became a fine art. Since that time up until now we have been pushing further and further away from God and it is only our God, who has blessed our country for these many years. I feel, as many others do, that reprisals are coming.

Praise the Lord! 

Well… went through the PET scan no problem and saw the doc. The report I got on that particular cancer was outstanding. All looks fine, no more of that active cancer visible. Come back in three months for checkup. Wow, thank you Jesus and thank you doctors and staff, what a gift. The ordeal paid off!

Today's a big day!  

In a few hours I am going in for a P.E.T. scan to see if the cancer I had undergone treatment for has been cleared. I pray the Lord will help this scan to show cancer free. Won’t have the answer until tomorrow when I see the doc. I still have blood cancer to deal with, for those are so far incurable, but thus far that is being managed. 

Old age is something to deal with all right. I guess we just never figure were gonna wear out. I have a very good friend Kenny right down the street who, I am sure, in his younger days was a very formidable military man. He and I have been sitting on his front porch reminiscing over the years, hoping we still have a few more to enjoy each others company. We have both had our medical issues, but slowly, surely the Lord is helping us find our way through. Neither of us are too afraid of dying for we both love the Lord. Its just we enjoy life so much these days.

On the music front lots of new work is coming. New titles include America, Change and …but God. Sorry it’s taking so long. Like I was saying, these days, I’m about half fast. Love you all please say a prayer for me today. Know I am praying for all of you.