Today's a big day! 

In a few hours I am going in for a P.E.T. scan to see if the cancer I had undergone treatment for has been cleared. I pray the Lord will help this scan to show cancer free. Won’t have the answer until tomorrow when I see the doc. I still have blood cancer to deal with, for those are so far incurable, but thus far that is being managed. 

Old age is something to deal with all right. I guess we just never figure were gonna wear out. I have a very good friend Kenny right down the street who, I am sure, in his younger days was a very formidable military man. He and I have been sitting on his front porch reminiscing over the years, hoping we still have a few more to enjoy each others company. We have both had our medical issues, but slowly, surely the Lord is helping us find our way through. Neither of us are too afraid of dying for we both love the Lord. Its just we enjoy life so much these days.

On the music front lots of new work is coming. New titles include America, Change and …but God. Sorry it’s taking so long. Like I was saying, these days, I’m about half fast. Love you all please say a prayer for me today. Know I am praying for all of you.

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