let God do it

So much blessed peace around us all the time, if we just take the time to enjoy it. To slow down and even notice it, takes work somedays. So much of my life in addiction was a blur. These days life is much slower. Just can’t really take on the fast pace anymore.

It can all change in an instant. What was for so many years, can fly away never to return, if we let it. Pray we don’t have war in this country. With all these crazy’s in positions of power in our government and their media deception, few really know what’s going on. I know this.. it ain’t good! My advice… stay informed. Check out Tucker Carlson, by God’s grace he’s still alive and seems to be talking truth on Twitter these days. You decide what you think and check out our “What’s Wrong Songs” too.

So grateful for all the Lord has done, so many miracles I have enjoyed in recovery. Like they say, its all about the alignment of the will. Get your will alined with the Light of Christ and all things go just the way there are suppose to… for your betterment. Don’t know the way, just take the steps. You may not understand it all as it’s going down but, just “fear not,” and more  blessed understanding will be revealed. 

Still up with my dog tonight, she just can’t sleep anymore. The wife and I have not been feeling well and I have had a lot of serious medical to deal with so we have been sleeping quite a bit. Our pooch however is still a pup, wants to run. Yes, life has been a string of miracles that I do not deserve but that’s the way it works for all of God’s children in recovery who repent and  seek. When we turn it all back over to Him and surrender, things work out the way there are suppose to. Worked for me and it know it will work for you for.

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