Ah you know that bottle baby
That bottle give me all the love I ever need
But then one day that little brown jug
One day she up’ed and gave me the disease Yes she did
Now that she’s turned against me
I can’t give her up
Lordy, Lordy you got to help me please.. You got to help me now

Now I got to drink in the morning yeah
Everyday, everyday I got to drink to live.. Drink to live
You know I’m still drinking around midnight
Giving that jug all I got to give yeah
Now I just don’t know what to do
But I know for sure, for sure
I got the bad voodoo blue baby
Yeah and I can’t shake it

Well I know it’s killing me
I cant stop to save my life
Its taken everything I have.. everything
My kids my home my money even the love of my life