His birthday is coming just weeks away
They start in October setting up displays
The towns are lit up with holiday arrays
but the joy of the season sometimes...
So far away

Alone and addicted with her Christmas tree
A true friend once told her just fall on your knees
Then into her heart hardened and cold
Came fire from heaven melting the snow

Then Christ came
into her heart she’ll never be the same

Received the Gift
Gave up that trying just accepted it

..but by Grace and God’s Love from above

Now is the time for forgiveness you see
Making this season the best it can be
Let go of resentments everyone that you hold
Feel God rain his Grace down on you...
In the cold

By His Grace
Forgiveness is here for the whole human race
The Gift of Love wrapped just for you by angels above

Yes it is…

The season cry’s out good will toward men
Best time of the year to make that amend
We need to stay open to other’s in need
And plant that great Gift of His true Christmas seed

BY.. reaching out..
Into that darkness never be afraid
Lift them up..
We don’t have the power but God’s Grace will save

Yes it will

Gods Grace will save
Gods Truth His truth will save
God's Love His Love will save
Gods Grace His Grace will save

When Christ Comes