...but by the Grace of God 

jacob of the iWorldband, since the start of the millennium, has performed over one thousand free live concerts in rehabilitation centers throughout the US and Europe. During a routine physical in 2020, jacob was diagnosed with an incurable form of leukemia. Sadly, because of his age, health and the COVID threat, Jacob decided it best to stop touring. 

After some time of personal reflection and with Christ’s blessed gift of stabilizing health, jacob has now rededicated himself to his musical craft of writing and producing in studios around the country. He prays his efforts over time will help develop a more comprehensive repertoire at iWorldband.org  Since his return, jacob has been prolific. Blessed with much new musical inspiration and insight,  iWorldband.org continues to reach out around the world freely sharing the band’s latest musical works. 

Once again, jacob would like to thank the fine musical professionals, associate producers, and legendary recording artists that continue to help create and inspire the iWorldband's musical compositions and interpretations.